Out-Swing Door

SunClad™ Out-Swing Door

SunClad™ Out-Swing Doors offer many of the same features as our In-Swing doors, only with a revised frame and sill that allow them to have panels that open outward.

Product Highlights

• Sun Clad Extruded Aluminum Exterior• Integral Nail Fin• Water Management System• Powder Coat Exterior Finish• Sun Advantage Low-E Insulated Glass with Argon• Duralite™ Glass Spacer System• Ponderosa Pine Interior• Complete Weather Seal Protection



• Full Glass Door Panel  
• Hinged Operating Door Panel  
• Single-point Latching System - standard on all 6-8 and 6-11 heights
• Multi-point Latching System - standard on all 8-0 heights
• Adjustable Hinges
• No-Warp Door Panel - LVL Lock Side Stile
• 4-11/16” Panel Rails & Stiles
• Tempered Glass
• Standard Jamb Depth = 4-9/16"

Full Views

Product Operation

SunClad™ Out-Swing Doors open outward to the exterior of the home. The door panel can be ordered with the hinges on the left or right side as viewed from the outside. A single point latch comes standard with 6-8 and 6-11 height doors. This can be upgraded to our Multi-Point latching system. The Multi-Point latching system is standard on 8-0 height doors.

Detail Views

Operating Hardware

A handle set with single-point latch and deadbolt lock is included as standard with all 6-8 & 6-11 height operating doors. Multi-Point is standard on 8-0 heights and an optional upgrade on the other heights.

Adjustable Hinge System is standard on all hinged doors. Provides vertical, horizontal and compression adjustments to fine-tune door alignment.

Adjustable Hinge Instructions


Keyed Alike

When ordering multiple doors, you can have the locks keyed alike. Just specify "Keyed Alike" when placing the order.

Multipoint Latching Hardware

Upgrade your 6-8 & 6-11 door single point lockset to Multi-Point latching hardware for greater security and stability. Multi-Point hardware has three latch points that engage the door jamb over the length of the door panel.

Multi-Point is standard on 8-0 heights and an optional upgrade on the other heights.

Hardware Finishes

Standard finishes are: Faux Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Chrome, Pewter (previously Brushed Nickel), Antique Brass  
Optional/Upgrade finishes are: Black, White, Satin Nickel, Polished Brass 
Hinge Finish coordinates with the handleset finish.

Optional finishes available at additional cost.

Standard Finishes

Faux Oil Rubbed Bronze

Brushed Chrome

(Brushed Nickel)

Antique Brass

Optional/Upgrade Finishes



Satin Nickel

Polished Brass

Optional/Upgrade Handle Set Style - Contemporary “Torino” Handle Set

Dark Bronze

Brushed Chrome


Antique Brass



Satin Nickel

Polished Brass

Panel Options

Bottom Rail Height:

Sun door panels in their standard configuration have equal sized stiles and rails with 4-11/16” wide profiles. As an option, Sun offers a 10” bottom rail for applications where a taller bottom rail  is desired.

Solid Panel Inserts (Kick Panels):

Our standard door panel is a full view glass door panel. However, you can add Solid Panel Inserts to create a panel with a mixture of glass and solid surfaces to suit your project designs.

View Panel Options

Sill Options

Out-Swing doors use Sun's Standard Out-Swing Sill. An ADA type, low profile sill is available if it is required by your project. ADA approval is dependant upon your project code requirements. Please contact Sun to review your needs and we will help you determine if this sill is appropriate for your application.

Standard Out-Swing Sill

ADA Sill

Configuration Options

• Out-Swing Doors are available with operating panels hinged Left or Right as viewed from the exterior, or as a Fixed panel

1-Panel Units:

Left (L)

Right (R)

Fixed (F)

2-Panel True French Units:

Left Active

Right Active