Between the glass blinds for casement windows

Blinds Between the Glass

Blinds Between the Glass

We believe that window treatments, like blinds and drapes, are best when approached as separate components. Your decorating choices, as well as the functionality of these items, are greatly enhanced by manufacturers who specialize in these add-on items.

That being said, a Between the Glass Blind system is available for our casement windows. This system offers the privacy and adjustable daylight control that typical add-on blinds provide with the additional benefit of minimal exposure of the blinds to the indoor environment. This can help protect your blinds from dust and handling damage. However, when blinds are placed between the glass, you loose the ability to have a grille system. Additionally, interior screens (on casement windows) must be removed to operate the blinds. Maintenance and service is also complicated by using these systems.

For those who insist on having Blinds Between the Glass, Sun offers the option of an aluminum slat  blind system that is housed between the insulated glass unit and a removable interior glass panel. This protects the blinds from dust and damage from being handled. Only the angle of blind slats can be adjusted. They cannot be raised out of the viewing area. A magnetic operator, located on the removable glass panel, activates the blinds.

Screens may be used with the blind system, but they must be removed to adjust the blinds.
Slat Colors = White, Alabaster, Sand
Tilt Operator Color = White
Removeable Glass Panel Frame Colors = White, Sand

1. No grilles are available when Blinds are used
2. Screens must be removed to operate the blinds