Sun for Your Commercial Projects

Sun windows and doors are a great solution for many Commercial applications. Sun is dedicated to the specific needs of the Commercial building industry. Our staff is ready to work with you to develop a plan to meet the requirements of your project.


SunClad™ Extruded Aluminum Exterior

SunClad is the name we give our heavy-gauge extruded aluminum exterior on our clad-wood products. It provides exceptional strength and long life for the product and it is the perfect surface for our High Durability Powder Coat Finish. Additionally, our new construction SunClad products have an integral nailing fin that provides a strong, rigid fastening surface for their installation and a hard flashing point.

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Built In Water Management System

All SunClad products are designed with a Fail-Safe Water Management System with two levels of protection. The first level of protection is the perimeter glazing seal between the sash and glass. However, because years of exposure to the elements can cause this seal to develop small gaps, we also build in a back up venting system that provides an effective path for water and moist air to exit the glazing channel and sash structure. This protects the insulated glass against seal failure and the interior wood components from deterioration.

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Powder Coat Exterior Finish

Sun uses high durability powder coating as the exterior finish of our SunClad products. Our standard finish meets AAMA 2604 requirements. An even higher performance AAMA 2605 finish is also available. Sun offers a wide range of Standard Colors, Upgrade Feature Colors, and Premium Metallic Finishes to assist in your design choices. Additionally, virtually any color is available through Custom Color Matching. Sun’s Powder Coating is also environmentally friendly, with no VOCs and no lead or chromium in any of the processes. Our non-chromate pretreatment system has been approved for unique process credits in LEED certification.

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Product Testing and Certification

Sun incorporates in-house and 3rd-party testing and verification of our products to help insure that your windows and doors are built according to our published specifications and that they meet requirements of your project. Sun products are NFRC Certified. Sun is also WDMA Hallmark Certified. The WDMA Hallmark is considered a mark of excellence among architects, contractors and other specifiers and is accepted industry-wide. WDMA Standards are referenced by HUD/FHA in their Minimum Property Standards and by many other government agencies in their construction specifications.

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Product Specifications & Section Detail Drawings

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