Direct Set Fixed Lite Windows

Rectangles, Radius Shapes, Geometric Shapes

SunClad™ Direct Set Fixed Lite

The SunClad™ Direct Set Fixed window provides maximum daylight opening in a fixed lite frame system. It is designed for producing standard fixed lites, transoms, radius units and special shape fixed lite windows.

Product Highlights

• Sun Clad Extruded Aluminum Exterior• Integral Nail Fin• Water Management System• Powder Coat Exterior Finish• Sun Advantage Low-E Insulated Glass with Argon• Duralite™ Glass Spacer System• Ponderosa Pine Interior• Complete Weather Seal Protection



• Full View Sash
• Narrow Frame for maximum daylight
• Standard Jamb Depth = 4-9/16"

Sash Set vs Direct Set Comparison

Sash Set vs Direct Set

Sash Set vs Direct Set

Different Sash & Frame profiles to fit your design needs

Sash Set Fixed Lite matches the look of the operating Casement window, with a wider frame/sash profile. Great for matching up to Casement family products or when a stronger exterior visual accent is desired.

Direct Set Fixed Lite minimizes the frame to maximize the glass area for a greater daylight opening.

Full Views

Detail Views


• Rectangles, including Transoms
• Radius Shapes: Arch Top, Extended Arch Top, Segmented Arch Top, Round Top, Extended Round Top, Quarter Round Top, Extended Quarter Round Top, Eyebrow, Gothic, Full Circle, Oval
• Geometric Shapes: Triangle-Isosceles, Triangle-Right, Trapezoid, Parallelogram, Parallelogram-Sloped, Truncated Hip, Clipped Corner-Single, Clipped Corner-Double, Pentoid, Hexagon, Octagon

Fixed Lite Shapes Radius Shapes InformationGeometric Shapes Information


• Widths = 16”, 20”, 28”, 30”,  32”, 36”, 40”, 48”, 56”, 64”, 72" 
• Heights = 16”, 20”, 24”, 28”, 32”, 34-3/16”, 36”, 38-3/16”, 40”, 46-3/16”, 48”, 50-3/16”, 52”, 54-3/16”, 59”, 62-3/16”, 64”, 66-3/16”, 70-3/16”, 72”, 74-3/16”, 78" 

Custom sizes are available by quote.

Size Charts

Rectangles for CasementRectangles for Double HungRadius for CasementRadius for Double HungFull Circles, Ovals, Octagons


Owner’s Manual