Duralite™ Insulated Glass Spacer

Duralite™ heat transfer illustratioDuralite Spacer configuration illustratio

Industry Leading Spacer System

Duralite™ is a spacer system that provides the best thermal performance in the industry. Its flexible properties insure a superior glass seal and the highest Argon gas retention in the industry.

The spacer is applied in a single, continuous path following the perimeter of the glass. This is important primarily because it means that the insulated glass unit will have only one corner seam. The other three corners are a continuous bend with no joint or seam. This helps give our insulated glass units an excellent hermetic seal and superior Argon gas retention. Most other glass spacer systems require that each corner be mechanically joined and sealed.

Argon is an inert gas, heavier than air, used to fill the sealed air space of high-performance insulated glass units. It has no harmful effects. Filling the sealed air space with Argon improves thermal performance by slowing convection currents within the the sealed insulated unit.

Key Features of Duralite™
• Composite Laminating Technology
• Impermeable to gas and water vapor
• Smooth visible surface appearance
• Proven adhesive technology
• Superior Argon gas retention
• Lowest Conductivity Warm-Edge Spacer
• Improves Condensation Resistance of I.G. unit
• Provides warmer edge-of-glass temperature
• Superior edge seal properties