Sun Windows - Sherwin-Williams Color Matching Formulas

(Satin Finish, 1 Gallon Formulas) Originating Store #1395

The following formulas are presented as a method of getting a color match to Sun Standard and Feature Exterior Colors. These formulas are Sherwin-Williams formulas that can be reproduced at any of their stores nation-wide. Sun has no affiliation with Sherwin-Williams and does not necessarily endorse the use of their product over any other quality brand. The customer is solely responsible for the selection of the paint brand they prefer to use.

Note: These formulas are based on Sherwin-Williams A-100 exterior paint products in Gallon Formulas. Colors were formulated using color match scanning. Formulas may not be an exact match with all colors due to adjustments normally made during a physical color match.

Standard Colors
YD203U; Sand (Antique Bronze) = A82Y00156; B1=2+22+1+0; R2=0+17+0+0; Y3=0+61+0+0
YN200U; Black = A82T00154; B1=12+0+0+0
YA200U; White (Bone White) = A82W00151; B1=0+1+0+0; Y3=0+0+1+0
YG204U; Boysenberry = A82T00154; W1=0+0+1+0; G2=0+0+1+0; N1=6+10+1+0; R3=4+52+0+0
YG201U; Brick Red = A82T00154; G2=0+4+1+0; N1=2+46+1+1; R2=4+34+0+0; R3=0+42+1+0
YL200U; Charcoal = A82T00154; W1=0+51+1+1; B1=4+9+0+1; G2=0+12+0+1; N1=2+54+0+1
YG203U; Claret Red = K43T00054; L1=0+18+0+0; R2=0+35+0+0; R3=14+16+0+0
YM201U; Classic Bronze = A82T00154; W1=0+6+1+1; B1=6+28+0+1; R2=0+19+0+1; Y3=2+8+0+0
YK203U; Green (Dark Green) = A82T00154; G2=8+41+0+0; R3=0+54+0+0; Y1=0+42+0+0; Y3=0+25+0+0; L1=0+6+0+0
YL201U; Gray (Dove Gray) = A82W00151; B1=0+59+0+0; N1=0+22+0+0; Y3=0+9+0+0
YK200U; Hartford Green = A82T00154; W1=0+0+1+0; B1=2+37+0+0; L1=2+62+0+1; Y3=2+27+1+1
YD200U; Ivory = A82W00151; G2=0+1+0+0; N1=0+15+0+0; Y3=0+7+0+0
YK201U; Light Green = A82W00153; W1=4+23+0+0; L1=2+7+1+0; R3=0+19+1+0; Y3=4+13+1+0
YJ200U; Midnight Blue = A82T00154; W1=0+9+0+1; L1=6+61+1+1; R2=0+11+1+1; R3=0+44+1+0
YJ201U; Military Blue = A82W00153; W1=2+55+0+1; L1=6+32+1+1; R2=0+39+1+0
YA201U; Milk White; = A82W00151; Y3=0+1+1+0
YL202U; Night Hawk Gray = A82T00154; W1=0+35+0+0; B1=2+5+1+1; N1=6+20+1+0; R2=0+2+0+1
YG202U; Red (Redwood) = A82T00154; W1=0+4+0+0; G2=0+17+0+0; R2=0+16+0+0; R3=8+18+0+0; Y1=2+46+0+0
YD201U; Sandstone; = A82W00151; G2=0+1+1+1; N1=2+0+0+0; Y3=0+7+1+0
YM204U; Sepia Brown = A82T00154; B1=4+8+0+0; R2=0+46+0+0; Y1=6+56+0+0; R3=2+0+0+0
YM202U; Bronze (Medium Bronze) = A82T00154; B1=4+46+0+0; W1=0+58+0+0; R2=0+21+0+0; Y3=4+28+0+0

Feature Colors
YL207U; Atlantic Gray = A82T00154; W1=0+17+1+1; B1=8+28+0+1; Y3=0+17+1+1
YU2137; Beige = A82W00151; B1=0+5+0+0; N1=0+35+0+0; Y3=0+38+0+0
YK204U; Dark Ivy = A82T00154; W1=0+36+1+1; L1=4+32+0+1; R4=0+16+1+1; Y3=2+41+1+1
YT2097; Dark Bronze = A82T00154; B1=4+53+0+0; W1=0+44+0+0; N1=4+54+0+0; R2=0+11+0+0; Y3=0+28+0+0
YK202U; Interstate Green = A82T00154; W1=0+19+1+1; L1=4+38+0+1; R3=0+32+0+0; Y3=2+37+0+1
YM203U; Java Brown = A82T00154; B1=2+9+0+1; N1=2+0+0+1; R2=2+9+0+0; R3=2+45+0+0
YL206U; Light Gray = A82W00151; B1=0+12+0+1; G2=0+0+1+0; Y3=0+7+1+1
YJ202U; Medium Blue = A82T00154; W1=2+10+1+1; L1=6+26+1+1; R3=0+61+1+1; Y3=0+28+1+0
YD204U; Seawolf Gray = A82W00151; B1=0+37+0+1; R2=0+6+0+1; Y3=0+34+0+0
YL204U; Smoke Gray = A82T00154; W1=0+38+1+1; B1=2+15+0+0; N1=6+9+1+1
YA2477; Vanilla = A82W00151; G2=0+1+0+0; N1=0+8+0+0; Y3=0+2+0+0