270 Low-E Glass

Year-round solar control protection and comfort for your home

Sun Advantage 270 Low-E² glass provides outstanding energy-saving performance and year-round solar control protection and comfort for your home. When it is hot outside, 270 rejects the sun's heat and filters out damaging UV rays. When it is cold outside, 270 helps keep you comfortable by reflecting indoor heat back into the room.

Sun Advantage 270 is a high-performance, second-generation Low-E² (Low-E squared) glass that contains two layers of silver, which selectively transmit visible light and reflect solar heat and infrared spectrum, making it efficient in both hot and cold climates.

Sun Advantage 270 is ideal for all weather conditions in most climates. In summer, its patented coating blocks 86% of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays and 63% of the sun's heat. It even outperforms the tinted glass often used in warm climates. You can see out and the light shines in, with no heavy bronze or smoke-colored tints to darken the personality of your home. In winter, it reflects heat back into rooms.

• Permits 70% of the sun's visible light
• Blocks 86% of harmful UV rays
• Outstanding performance in most climates
• Helps keeps you warm when it's cold outside
• Helps keeps you cool when it's hot outside
• Helps keeps you comfortable in any climate
• Helps reduce heating and cooling bills