Important Information


CAUTION! Heavy Object

Always use appropriate lifting techniques and equipment when moving or handling window and door products. Failure to do so may result in serious personal injury.

Glass Caution - Warning!

This product contains glass components which, if broken, can cause serious injury. Use extreme caution and keep children away from broken glass.

Fall Prevention (Screens) - Warning!

Window and Door screens are not designed to support weight and will not prevent falls. Do not lean against screens in an open window or door. Closely monitor children, feeble or weak individuals, and pets around open windows and doors.

Fall Prevention (Open Windows) - Warning!

An open window is a possible fall hazard. Closely monitor children, feeble or weak individuals, and pets around open windows.

Safety Glass Requirements

Sun windows are not provided with safety glass or tempered glass as standard. Many building codes require the use of safety glass or tempered glass in windows that are installed in specific areas, at specific heights or locations, or for specific uses. Consult your local building codes for your applications. Sun doors include tempered insulated glass as standard.

Codes & Restrictions:

Egress Codes and Sizes

Building codes may specify certain minimum window sizes to meet egress requirements in specific applications. Consult your local building codes for your applications. Sun Windows is not responsible for verifying building codes and requirements for the applications of its products. Always check your building codes for special requirements before you order.

Egress Information

Size Restrictions

Sun produces products in a wide range of standard catalog sizes as well as in custom sizes within manufacturing limitations. Occasionally, a customer requires an oversized product that exceeds Sun's size restrictions. When this is necessary the product is produced without a warranty for the product or any oversized component of the product.

Upon Receiving Products:

Receiving Products / Inspect On Delivery

Upon receiving any Sun product always carefully inspect the product to verify that it is what you ordered and that it is received in good condition. Do not accept damaged or incorrect products. Damaged or incorrect products should be returned on the same Sun delivery truck. Be sure the damage or error is noted on the paperwork returned with the driver.


Most Sun products are shipped in protective packaging. This packaging is designed to protect the product from dirt, dust and minor debris while being shipped, handled and stored. Because of the characteristics of this packaging, do not sit or store products (with the protective clear wrap packing) in direct sunlight. Keep uninstalled products in a safe place, out of direct sunlight. Remove the clear wrap packing before installing the products. Some products also have additional support members attached for shipping and handling. These members may be wood strips used to protect the nail fins, or shipping handles (on some door products) that are added to assist in transporting the product. Remove these additional support materials prior to installation.

Do Not Store In Sunlight

Do not store products in direct sunlight. Products with packaging materials still intact, as well as products that are stacked against one another or other surfaces, can trap heat. Excessive heat can damage the products. Products should be stored in sheltered areas, out of direct sunlight.

Do Not Stack/Store Products Flat (Horizontally)

Do not stack or store products flat (horizontally) or on top of another. Products may be stacked or stored leaning against a vertical support. Do not stack or store directly against a glass surface or allow any glass surface to bare a weight.

Installing Products:

Proper Installation

All products manufactured by Sun Windows must be installed in accordance with Sun Installation Instructions. Compliance with these instructions is mandatory for proper performance of the product. Failure to comply with these instructions will void the warranty. If you did not receive Sun Installation Instructions with the product, you can view and download them from our Instructions page.

Installation Instructions

Read Instructions Before Installing

Please be sure to read and follow the Sun Installation Instructions provided with the product. If you did not receive Sun Installation Instructions with the product, you can view and download them from our Instructions page. If you do not understand the instructions, or cannot perform the installation as specified in the instructions, do not install this product. Have the product installed by a qualified professional capable of following the instructions, or contact your Sun Windows Dealer or Representative to obtain further information. Failure to follow the installation instructions will void the Sun Windows Warranty and may result in product malfunction or failure.

Installation Instructions

Proper Application / Vertical Wall Construction Only

All SunClad window and door products are designed to be installed in standard vertical wall construction. They are not designed to be installed in any nonstandard installation including, but not limited to: installation in a non-vertical (sloped) surface; upside down; in a roof or ceiling; rotated to any position in which the manufactured bottom is not level on the horizontal plane. Any such application voids the warranty.

Typical Residential or Light Commercial Construction Only

All products manufactured by Sun Windows are designed and intended for typical, Residential construction. They may also be used in most Light Commercial applications. They are NOT designed or intended for Heavy Commercial applications, high-rise buildings, Marine applications, water containment applications, mobile vehicles, or other non-typical application. Any such installation may result in product failure and will void any and all warranties.

Product Orientation

All products manufactured by Sun Windows have a definitive top and bottom, as well as a definite interior and exterior. All products must be installed with this proper orientation of the product. Improper product orientation may result in failure of the product and improper performance. Additionally, improper orientation of the product will void the product warranty.


Special Requirements

It is the responsibility of the customer to notify Sun Windows of any special requirements for product applications, including (but not limited to) egress size requirements, tempered glass or safety glass requirements. Sun Windows is not responsible for verifying building codes and requirements for the applications of its products. Always check your building codes for special requirements before you order.

EIFS/Synthetic Stucco

Serious concerns have been raised regarding Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (also known as EIFS and Synthetic Stucco) and excessive moisture problems in buildings using this finish system. Some EIFS systems may not allow water or moisture that enters the wall system to "weep" to the exterior. This can cause excessive moisture to accumulate within the wall, seriously damaging the wall and building. EIFS or so-called "barrier" systems have been reported to be highly susceptible to this problem.Proper building design, materials, components and construction are the responsibility of the building designer, the contractors, and materials manufacturers. Concerns about moisture management issues should be addressed to these professionals. Sun is not responsible for problems or damages caused by inefficiencies in building design, construction or maintenance, failure to properly install our products, or the use of our products in wall systems that do not effectively manage moisture. ATTENTION!: this warranty does not cover Sun products installed in a structure that does not have a functional, engineered drainage system. This includes, but is not limited to: EIFS (exterior insulating finish systems) and masonry that do not have a functional, engineered drainage system.

Masonry Applications / Expansion Joint

All masonry applications require a sealed expansion joint between the product perimeter and the masonry surfaces (except door thresholds, which must sit on the floor). This allows for the difference in expansion and contraction of wall/building structure and the masonry. Failure to apply this expansion joint may result in distortion or damage to the product and failure of product operation. Failure to apply this expansion joint will void this warranty.

Water/Moisture Management

Proper management of water and moisture is an essential part of any structure. All structures must have a functional, engineered drainage system as part of its exterior finished wall system. Sun Windows, Inc. cannot control or be responsible for water/moisture management beyond the product itself. All products manufactured by Sun Windows must be properly installed as described in Sun's installation instructions. All products manufactured by Sun Windows must be properly flashed and a complete vapor barrier applied to seal the product opening. Proper installation of drainage systems, flashing, water and vapor barriers are the sole responsibility of the owner or their agents.

Mold Prevention

Household mold and mildew can create an unpleasant living environment. It can be unhealthy. It can also be damaging to the building structure. Mold and mildew are the results of environmental conditions in the building, mostly high humidity. Prevention of mold and mildew can be achieved by properly managing water and moisture. See the section Water/Moisture Management for additional information.


Condensation (moisture or ice forming on the surface of the glass or frame) is the result high humidity within the house and cool air temperatures outside. Windows and doors do not cause condensation and, therefore, the occurrence of condensation is not covered by the warranty. Environmental conditions, humidity, water or ice on any product related surface, are not covered by the warranty. If condensation occurs, it is an indication that humidity levels within the house are improper and that measures should be taken to correct the environmental conditions within the home. See Sun's Condensation Information sheet for more information.

Insect Control

Sun window and door screens are intended to reduce most insect infiltration through openings. However, some insect infiltration may still occur. If you experience an unusual amount of insect problems, consult an exterminator.

Glass Films or Coatings

Do not use any type of glass film or coating on insulated glass units. These films and coatings can create adverse conditions upon the insulated glass unit, which may result in glass breakage or failure of the insulated glass unit. The use of any glass film or coating will void the warranty.

Chemicals and Cleaners

Do not allow any chemicals, chemical vapors, acids, cleaners, brick or masonry cleaners, abrasives, or other substrates to contact (directly or indirectly) any of the product surfaces, parts, and hardware. Deterioration or damage to the product may result. Protect all product surfaces, parts, and hardware during all phases of construction and finishing. Surface scratches as well as damage from any such chemical, chemical vapor, acid, cleaner, brick or masonry cleaner, abrasive, or other substrate is not covered by this warranty. Proper cleaning information is available in the Sun product Owner's Manual. See your Sun Window Dealer or Representative for more information.

Finishing The Product

Wood surfaces must be painted or stained and sealed. Follow your finish manufacturers instructions for application of the finish. Although the wood on SunClad Wood windows and doors is suitable for painting or staining, unfinished wood is highly susceptible to dirt and debris or contamination from handling as well as exposure to humidity and the elements. Proper finish preparations should always be made prior to applying a finish. This includes removing any dirt, debris, dust, handling stains, etc. that may have collected on the surface. Nail holes should be filled and sanded. Any raised grain or rough surfaces should be properly sanded using step sanding principles. All wood surfaces should have a final, fine sanding to prepare the wood for the application of the finish. Do not paint or stain vinyl windows or vinyl window surfaces or components. Carefully inspect the window for any residue from building and painting finishes. Remove any spots or debris with a damp cloth and mild soap solution. Do not use abrasives or any type of chemical to clean the window. These items can scratch the vinyl or cause it to chemically break down.

Wood Finishing

Sun Product Warranty

Sun products are covered by a complete warranty. Go to our Warranty page for more information.

Sun Clad Warranty

Requesting Warranty/Product Service

If for any reason you need to request service covered by a Sun Window Warranty, go to our Product Service Form, fill out the information and submit it. Your request will be sent to our Service Department for review. They will contact you to make to coordinate the service to your Sun Window and Door Products.

Product Service Request Form

Warranty Repair Services

Sun's limit of responsibility as specified in the warranty only includes parts and materials (as detailed) and labor (for the first year). However, where it is possible, Sun will often of its own accord provide a service technician to complete the service. If a product has been determined in need of service covered by this warranty, the owner will be contacted and the warranty service will be scheduled. If Sun is unable to contact the owner, a letter will be sent documenting Sun's attempts to contact the owner and instructions to the owner that they must then contact Sun to schedule the service. Any fees for warranty service, labor, transportation, etc. will be quoted and submitted to the owner prior to performing the service work. The owner is responsible for providing access to the product needing service. This may include access to the inside of the home and removal of any furnishings that may hinder servicing the product. It is the responsibility of the owner to provide safe working conditions for the service technician. This may include erecting scaffolding or other means to access the exterior of the product. If the service technician deems conditions unsafe, the parts and materials will be provided to the owner and the repair service will be the responsibility of the owner.

Inspection Fee

If the warranty period has expired or for repairs not covered by warranty, many replacement parts are available for purchase. If warranty coverage is unclear, Sun may charge a fee for any on site product inspection. The fee will be due in advance of the inspection. If the inspector determines that the product and/or problem is covered by this warranty, the inspection fee will be returned.