Sun Windows - Sherwin-Williams Color Matching Formulas

Originating Store #1395

The following formulas are presented as a method of getting a color match to Sun’s Standard Interior Finish(es). 

Sun Interior Paint Codes/Matches:

Milk White (previous White) = Sherwin Williams 7012 Creamy White
Bright White = Sherwin Williams 7757 High Reflective White

Paint Codes:
Black = A82T00154; B1=12+0+0+0
Charcoal = A82T00154; W1=0+51+1+1; B1=4+9+0+1; G2=0+12+0+1; N1=2+54+0+1
Classic Bronze = A82T00154; W1=0+6+1+1; B1=6+28+0+1; R2=0+19+0+1; Y3=2+8+0+0
Ivory = A82W00151; G2=0+1+0+0; N1=0+15+0+0; Y3=0+7+0+0
Night Hawk Gray = A82T00154; W1=0+35+0+0; B1=2+5+1+1; N1=6+20+1+0; R2=0+2+0+1
Sepia Brown = A82T00154; B1=4+8+0+0; R2=0+46+0+0; Y1=6+56+0+0; R3=2+0+0+0
Bronze (Medium Bronze) = A82T00154; B1=4+46+0+0; W1=0+58+0+0; R2=0+21+0+0; Y3=4+28+0+0