Jamb Options

Jamb Depth, Wood Jamb Extensions, Step Jamb, Exterior Door Frame Extensions

Standard Jamb Depth

Jamb Depth & Options

Standard Jamb Depth = 4-9/16"

6-9/16” Jamb Depth

Wood Jamb Extensions

• 6-9/16” (2” wood extension)
• Custom jamb depth in 1/8” increments up to 6-9/16"

Sun recommends that jamb depths over 6-9/16” be custom made and applied on site by a trim specialist.

Two inch wood extension

2-1/16” Jamb Option

• Direct Set Fixed Lite - Contemporary Jamb Configuration


2-9/16” Jamb Depth - Patriot Windows

• Patriot Windows Jamb Depth without any jamb extensions

Patriot Window Jamb
Casement No-Jamb option

3-1/8” Casement No-Jamb Wood Surround

3-1/8” Jamb Options

• Casement = No-Jamb Wood Surround


3-3/4” Jamb for Drywall Return

For Casement and Sash Set Fixed Lite frames. Provides a good surface for returning drywall to meet the jamb.

Special Applications

• Step Jamb for Casement & Sash Set Fixed Lites The standard casement jamb surround is located toward the inner perimeter of the frame. A Step Jamb moves this to the outer most edge of the wood frame. This is valuable when mulling a casement family product to a non-casement family product, such as a direct set fixed lite or a double hung. This alternate jamb placement provides for improved trim alignment in these applications.

Illustration - Offset Trim Line
Illustration - Aligned Trim Line
Exterior Frame Extension

In-Swing Door Exterior Frame Extension

In-Swing doors can be extended by using Sun’s Exterior Frame Extension. This SunClad™ aluminum extrusion is designed to extend the exterior frame 2” for 6-9/16” wall construction and still allow in-swing doors to open fully to the interior of the building.

Out-swing Door with wood extension

Out-Swing Door Extensions

Out-swing door frames can be extended to the interior by using wood extensions.