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Exclusive Manufacturer

Sun Windows, Incorporated is the exclusive manufacturer of Sun clad wood windows and doors and Sun Vinyl windows. 

Kentucky Crafted

Our products are built in the U.S.A., in our factory located in Owensboro, Kentucky. Sun Windows is proud to be recognized by Kentucky Proud® as a beneficial Kentucky made product.

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Regional Focus - Region Ma

Regional Focus

Sun has chosen to limit our area of service to a geographic region that extends to about a 500 mile radius from our factory. This increases Sun’s flexibility in providing the best possible product, in a timely fashion, at a very competitive price. Our regional focus also means that many of our suppliers are close to our location. This can have a positive economic and environmental impact, helping to achieve additional credit for LEED certified projects.

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Sun products are made to orde

Made to Order

Sun windows and doors are built to order, per the specifications of each individual project. They are not stock-built and pulled from a shelf when an order is placed. This means you get the windows and doors that you want with the features and options that you select. You don't pay extra for this, it is our standard way of building products. Our turn-around time on standard orders is typically two weeks to most of our region. Some options require additional time for production and shipping to your location. Our quote system supplies notice of all extended lead time options to help you coordinate your schedule.

Product selection and option

Product Selection and Available Options

Sun offers a wide array of window and door products, options and configurations to help the customer achieve their dream home. Anything from a single window to a wall filled with windows and doors that will open-up their home and give the view they desire. Sun is ready to help make their dream a reality.

Go to our Products and Options sections, in our main menu, to view more information about our selection choices.

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Our Heritage

Sun Window’s heritage extends back to 1930, when Victor E. Anderson, Sr. developed a self-storing, wood storm window and began selling it door-to-door. Over the years, the company has evolved through changes in locations, name and product offerings to become a leading regional manufacturer with a focus on innovation and quality.

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Less advertising means more money is invested into the product itsel

More For Your Money

If you are not familiar with Sun Windows and Doors, it is likely due to that fact that we don’t spend a lot of money on advertising. We have chosen to invest those dollars in designing and building our products. When you choose to buy a Sun product, you are primarily paying for the expense of product development and production, not advertising. Yes, we do spend some money on advertising, like this website and other support materials, but the bulk of the product price is the product itself. Our competitors, whose names you know well, have to pay for that name recognition. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but it means that they either charge substantially more for a comparable product or they reduce the product cost, which often means they reduce the quality of the product. The big advantage for us is that we can offer a product of superior quality at an excellent price.