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Requesting Product Service

ATTENTION! - Please Review The Submission Qualifications Below Before Submitting A Service Request

If for any reason you need to request service for your Sun Window product, please use the link below.

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Before You Submit A Product Service Request . . .

There are a few things you should check and be aware of before you contact us about servicing your Sun product(s).

First things first - are you sure it is a Sun window or door product?

This may seem obvious but we often get service requests for products that end up not being ours.

Here is how to identify a Sun window or door product

1. Look for the Sun logo on the glass. It is located in the lower left corner of the sash or panel when looking at the product from the interior. It is etched in the glass, so it can be faint and maybe a little hard to see. Look closely and you should be able to see it.


2. The second check is to look at the glass spacer that separates the pieces of glass in your insulated glass unit. On almost all Sun products, the glass spacer will be black. The only exception to this is that some door units may have a different colored spacer.

Black spacer seen between the wood glass stop and the outer metal glazing leg of the sash.

Identify the product line - Is it Sun Clad Wood or Sun Vinyl?

Sun offers two main product lines. Knowing which one will help you know what warranty applies to your products.

1. Sun Clad Wood products are easily identified by their heavy, extruded aluminum exterior surface coupled with a wood interior.
2. Sun Vinyl Windows are all vinyl interior and exterior.

Next, check your warranty coverage

All Sun products have a warranty that explains what is covered and what is not. Be sure to review the warranty coverage so that you are prepared for either warranty covered service or non-warranty service. There are fees and charges for all services not covered by the warranty.

Clad WarrantyClad Warranty (Pre 2010)Commercial WarrantyVinyl New Construction WarrantyVinyl Replacement Warranty

Clad Warranty applies to Sun Clad Wood products purchased after August 14, 2010.
Clad Warranty (Pre 2010) applies to products purchase prior to August 15, 2010.
Commercial Warranty is specific to Commercial projects.
Vinyl New Construction Warranty applies to Vinyl products purchased for new construction projects.
Vinyl Replacement Warranty applies to Vinyl products purchased for replacement window projects.