Roll-Form Frame, Extruded Frame, Roll-Up Screen

Window Screen

Screens for operating windows

All opening windows may use our standard Removable Screen. Casement windows have the option of using a Retractable Roll-Screen.

Screens have aluminum frames strung with fiberglass screen mesh. The screen frame mounts into a screen track in the product frame.


BetterVue® and UltraVue® Screen Mesh

Now with Water Shed Technology™

Sun offers BetterVue™ Insect Screen as the standard mesh on all SunClad™ window screens. The BetterVue™ mesh is woven from finer strands which helps it provide 10% better insect protection, 10% better airflow and 10% clearer view than traditional insect screen. Also available is the top of the line UltraVue™ Insect Screen mesh provides 20% better insect protection, 15% better airflow and 15% clearer view.

Water Shed Technology gives BetterVue and UltraVue a clear view for the life of the product by repelling water and resisting dirt and grime, making them much less likely to accumulate on the screen.

More Info
Screen frames

Roll-Form Screen Frame

• Available on most products
• Standard Screen Frame = roll-form aluminum
• Colors: White, Sand, Dark Bronze

Extruded Screen Frame

• Available on most products
• Heavy-duty, durable, extruded aluminum frame
• Colors: any Sun Exterior Color

Extruded Sliding Screen Frame

• Available on 2-panel In-Swing & Sliding Doors
• Heavy-duty, durable, extruded aluminum frame
• Colors: any Sun Exterior Color

Open Casement window with Roll-up screen

Retractable Roll-Up Screen

• Available on Casement windows only
• A retractable, roll-up screen
• Mounts to the window interior
• Wood veneer coordinates with window interior

Roll-up screen action Roll-up screen assembly