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Sun Advantage 270 plus I-89 Low-E² Glass

Includes 4th Surface low emissivity coating

Sun Advantage™ 270 plus Low-E2 glass provides the same benefits of our regular Sun Advantage™ 270 with the additional performance benefits of a 4th Surface Low-E coating.

The 4th Surface Coating is provided by i89. LoĒ-i89 on the 4th surface of your windows allows you to get near triple-pane performance in a double-pane unit, and meet the toughest energy guidelines as well.Sun Advantage™ 270 plus is ideal for applications that require U-values that are lower than those that are possible with our standard Sun Advantage™ 270. This may include projects with specific performance requirements or extra cold climates.

• Increases the insulating properties of the IG unit
• Increases room comfort• Lowers the U-value
• Meet Ultra-Low U-value Specifications

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