Terms & Conditions

Dealer Discounts

All dealers are given a discount that applys to our List Prices. This discount is established when you are set up as a Dealer. It is subject to adjustment at any time at Sun's sole discretion.

Ordering Products - SunQuote™

Sun Windows has a product quoting and ordering software tool named SunQuote™ that is available to our dealers. All dealers are strongly encouraged to use this software to quote and order Sun products. This insures that the information is accurately communicated. All other methods of placing orders (verbal, FAX, email, etc.) are highly discouraged and become the sole responsibility of the customer. Sun Windows accepts no responsibility for errors on non-SunQuote™ submitted orders.

Quotations - Valid Timespan

All certified quotations will be honored for 30 days from the date quoted/certified. Please certify your quotations using our SunQuote software tool.

Order Date

The Order Date is the date the order is entered in the Sun Order Entry System. This is normally the same date the order is received. However, the order date may be a later date if any of the following occurs:
1) the order is submitted by phone.
2) the order is submitted with a credit application pending approval.
3) the order is pending approval for C.O.D. shipment.
4) the order is on hold due to account not kept in terms of agreement.
5) the order has special conditions that require approval.

Changes & Cancellations

No product may be canceled or changed once it has been ordered.


No goods will be accepted for return without prior written authorization. Any claims regarding an invoice issue must be made within 10 business days of the date shipped.

Shipping Charges

Sun will ship orders by various methods, depending the size of the order, delivery location, and other factors. Orders shipped by Sun Truck within our 1-day delivery area may qualify for free shipping. All other orders are subject to shipping fees. These fees will be negotiated and added to the order total. Dealers outside of our 1-day delivery area should clearly understand that all their orders are subject to shipping charges.

• 1-day Delivery Area indicates the physical region roughly 200 miles in radius from Sun's factory that allows for a 1-day to and back trip for Sun Trucks.
• All orders are subject to various factors involved in scheduling deliveries that may effect actually deliver times.

Receiving Products

Upon receiving Sun Window products always carefully inspect the products to verify that they are what you ordered and that they are received in good condition. Do not accept damaged products. Damaged products should be returned on the same Sun Window delivery truck. Additionally, Sun products are packaged for delivery in protective wrap. DO NOT sit or store these packaged products in direct sunlight or high heat areas. The packaging should be removed before the products are exposed to these conditions.

Product Service

If for any reason you need to request service covered by Sun's Warranty, go to our Product Service Form, fill out the information and submit it. Your request will be sent to our Service Department for review. They will contact you to make to coordinate the service to your Sun Window and Door Products.

Product Service Request Form