Single Hung Window Opening Control Device

Operating Instructions


1. WOCD is shown in the active position with the sash closed


2. WOCD stops the sash from being raised beyond this point


3. Press the WOCD inward to allow the sash to bypass the limiter


4. Sash shown being raised past the WOCD

Two Versions

The two versions are designed to accommodate the two most typical installation applications of the Single Hung window. Due to the nature of the product, the window opening control device must be installed after the window is installed in the structure and trim applied. The dimensional specifications of the device restrict the trim-out applications. It is recommended that the trim carpenter have the device on hand to insure the fit and operation of the device.


Return Jamb Mounting Version

The Return Jamb mounting version mounts to the side return jamb.


Trim Face Mounting Version

This version is face-mounted to the trim (no side jamb).