Series 2020 Casement Window

Series 2020 Casement

Product Highlights

• All-Vinyl Window
• Multi-chambered Extrusions
• Fusion Welded Construction - frame and sash corners
• Never Needs Painting
• Optional Vinyl Nailing Fin
• Water Management System
• Low-E Insulated Glass with Argon
• Duralite™ Warm-Edge Insulated Glass Spacer
• Complete Weather Seal Protection 


• Full View Sash
• Crank Out Sash Operation
• Full Opening Ventilation
• Folding Operator Handle
• Single Lever, Multi-point Latching System
• Adjustable Hinges
• Interior Screen Mounting Channel
• 3-1/4” Overall Jamb Depth without nail fin
• 2” Jamb Depth from optional nail fin


• Window Colors = White, Sand
• Interior Finish Option = Black Interior on White Window
• Contoured or Contemporary Handle
• Interior Screen = Flex Screen System
• Grilles = GBGs

Full Views

V-2020 Exterior View Closed
V-2020 Exterior View Half Open
V-2020 Exterior View Open
V-2020 Interior View Closed
V-2020 Interior View Half Open
V-2020 Interior View Open

Detail Views

V-2020 Jamb Detail View
V-2020 Exterior Detail View
V-2020 Interior Detail View
V-2020 Operator Detail View
V-2020 Top Hinge Detail View
V-2020 Latch Point Detail View
V-2020 Product Operation Detail View

Product Operation

A single crank operator, with a fold-away style handle, is located on the sill to open and close the sash. A single latch lever is located on the side jamb to unlock (and lock) the sash. One or more latching points are activated by the lever, depending on the size of the window. The hinge/glide system is adjustable for sash alignment to the frame.

V-2020 Operating Hardware Detail View

Operating Hardware

The crank operator is comprised of a metal base unit that is covered with a decorative plastic housing and an all metal folding handle in matching finish.

The sash latch lever is a metal component with a decorative plastic slot cover and lever handle cover.

V-2020 Handle Set Detail View
V-2020 Latch Lever Detail View

Contoured Folding Handle Finishes

Standard finishes are: White, Tan, Dark Bronze, Black
Upgrade finishes are: Brushed Nickel, Brushed Chrome, Antique Brass, Polished Brass

Upgrade finishes available at additional cost.

White Contoured Handle
Tan Contoured Handle
Dark Bronze Contoured Handle
Dark Bronze
Black Contoured Handle
Brushed Nickel Contoured Handle
Brushed Nickel
Brushed Chrome Contoured Handle
Brushed Chrome
Antique Brass Contoured Handle
Antique Brass
Polished Brass Contoured Handle
Polished Brass

Upgrade Contemporary Handle

Upgrade handle style available at additional cost.

Black Contemporary Handle
Brushed Nickel Contemporary Handle
Brushed Nickel

Configuration Options

• Casements are available with operating sash hinged Left or Right as viewed from the exterior, or as a Fixed sash
• Mulled units are available up to 4-wide - typical sash configurations shown below - alternation sash configurations are available

Single Unit Configuration
Single Unit: Left / Fixed / Right
Double Unit Configuration
Double Unit: LR
Triple Unit Configuration
Triple Unit: LFR
Quad Unit Configuration
Quad Unit: LFFR


• Widths = 16”, 20”, 24”, 28”, 32”, 36"
• Heights = 32”, 40”, 48”, 52”, 59”, 64”, 72”

Custom sizes are available by quote.