Double Hung

DH57 Double Hung

Product Highlights

• Pure Virgin Vinyl Compound
• Multi-chambered Extrusions
• Fusion Welded Construction - frame and sash corners
• Never Needs Painting
• Integral Brick Mold & J-Channel
• Integral Nailing Fin
• Water Management System
• Duralite™ Warm-Edge Insulated Glass Spacer
• Complete Weather Seal Protection 


• 1-3/4” Jamb Depth 
• Top & Bottom Vertical Raise & Lower Sash Operation
• Interlocking Sash
• Tilt-In Sash
• Finger Release Tilt Sash Latches
• Cam-Action Sash Locks
• Locking-when-tilted Sash Balance Shoes
• Spring Balance System

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Product Operation

Sun Vinyl Double Hungs feature a sash-over-sash design where both sashes raise and lower for ventilation purposes. Both sashes will tilt inward for easy access to the exterior glass surfaces from inside the room. This can make it easier to clean your windows. The sashes tilt in by activating the finger release latches and pulling the top of the sash toward you. The side jambs house the spring balance system. The tilting action of the sashes is achieved by the combination of a pair of sash pins, located near the bottom of each side of the sash, and a pair of balance shoes located in the jambs. The balance shoes feature a locking action that supplies tension within the jamb track when the sash is tilted 90°. This feature is useful to help prevent the bottom of the sash from moving up or down while the sash is tilted for cleaning. It will also hold the shoes and springs in position when you choose to remove the sash completely from the window.

Hardware Finish Color - coordinates with window color

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Configuration Options

• Sash Split: Standard (50/50), Cottage (40/60), Oriel (60/40)
• Can be mulled with other units

Standard (50/50)

Cottage (40/60)

Oriel (60/40)


• Widths = 19-3/8”, 23-3/8”, 27-3/8”, 31-3/8”, 35-3/8”, 39-3/8”, 43-3/8"
• Heights = 32-5/8”, 36-5/8”, 44-5/8”, 48-5/8”, 52-5/8”, 60-5/8”, 64-5/8”, 68-5/8”, 72-5/8”

Custom sizes are available by quote.

Double Hung Size Chart


Owner’s Manual