Mulls and Mulling Options


Product Combinations

Sun Vinyl Windows can be combined with companion products to form special feature windows or window combinations. Sun Vinyl same series products are designed so that they can be easily grouped together to form multi-unit configurations. These configurations can be as simple as combining two units together, side by side, to form a 2-wide unit, or as complex as combining multiple units of various styles and shapes to form a special feature window wall. Send us your ideas and we will help you configure your special combination.

Mulled Unit Restrictions

The maximum over-all size for a factory mulled unit cannot exceed 12' by 8' (vertical or horizontal).
Maximum units wide = 5
Maximum units high = 4

Mull Covers

Mull Covers are available for mulling windows on the job site. Includes mull caps or covers only. (Field installation is not provided).

Mulling Instructions

Structurally Reinforced Mulls

Sun uses a specially designed, internal, structural aluminum mull reinforcement to add strength and rigidity to mulled units. This provides for a stronger, more secure installation. After installation, Sun Vinyl mulled units will not flex in the window opening like most competitor vinyl windows with weak mulls. You will have superior protection against storms with high winds and other extreme forces.