Black Glazing Channel

Black Glazing Channel Provides a Cleaner Appearance

All Sun Windows and Doors feature our protective black masking film behind the glass stops.

This film provides two valuable functions. One, it keeps paint and stain, that might seep behind the glass stop during the finishing process, from being exposed to view from the exterior. All that is visible is the black film, which blends in with the black glass spacer of the insulated glass unit.

Secondly, this factory-applied film provides for quick masking of the glass for whoever is painting or staining the wood components of the product. If you order your clad wood products without an interior finish from the factory, this film is left on the interior side of the unit, making it easy to apply additional masking before finishing. Note: if you order your windows and doors with a factory interior finish this extra film will already be trimmed away from the daylight opening.

Exterior view of a Sun window with the Black Film
Exterior view of a Sun window without the Black Film
Exterior view of a competitor's product without any protective film. This photo was taken at a Trade Show.