Screens & Options

Screen Mesh

With Water Shed Technology™

Our standard screen mesh is BetterVue™ Insect Screen. BetterVue™ mesh is woven from finer stands which helps provide a 10% clearer view than typical screen mesh. UltraVue™ is available as an upgrade. It provides a 15% clearer view. Both types now include Water Shed Technology™ which provides a clearer view for the life of the product by repelling water and resisting dirt and grime, making them much less likely to accumulate on the screen.

Roll-Form Screen Frame

Roll-Form Screen Frame is our standard screen frame for most products. It is available in the following colors: White, Sand, and Dark Bronze.

Extruded Screen Frame

Our Heavy-Duty, Extruded Screen Frame is available for most window products. It is available in any of our Exterior Colors.

There is also a version available for 2-panel In-Swing & Sliding Doors. It is a larger profile, heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame, available in any of our Exterior Colors.

Screen Frames
Flex Screen

Flex Screen™

Flex Screen™ is a flexible black spring steel frame bonded to screen mesh. It is easy to install and remove and avoids bowing issues that are typical on standard screens. It is available on the Clad Architectural Double Hung and the Patriot Casement.

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USA Clad Wood Architectural Double Hung
Patriot Clad Vinyl Casement

Retractable Roll-Up Screen

Available on Casement Windows only, it features a retractable head compartment. The screen pulls down to cover the opening when needed and retracts upward when not needed. This add-on system mounts to the window interior and has a wood veneer that coordinates with the window interior.

USA Clad Wood Casement
Retractable Screen
Incognito Roll-Up Screen in pine veneer
Retractable Screen
Cascade Roll-Up Screen in white