Product Applications

From Residential to Light Commercial . . . New Construction to Renovation

Sun offers a range of window and door products that are ideally suited for residential to light commercial building projects. Both new construction and renovation or replacement projects are covered by our windows and doors and the options that are available for them.


Residential projects focus on the needs of a family dwelling. Whether it is a single family home or a multi-family building, the requirements for Residential construction are concerned with design, function, and safety.

New homes can take on a wide variety of styles. From Traditional to Contemporary and everything in between, style is about expressing your unique character. That is why Sun offers such a wide range of products and options. Pick the products you want with the options you want and let us help you make your design statement.

Of course, getting the style you want is only half the issue. Your windows and doors need to function the way you want them to as well. Sun offers you configuration options so that your windows and doors open in the direction you want them to and close tightly and securely when you need them shut. Additionally, all our products are designed to be energy efficient to save you money and provide you comfort. Explore our Products and Options to learn more.

Your family's safety is always of utmost importance. The design of your home must provide for their safety. Sun windows and doors are designed to be safe and we offer some options that allow you to address specific safety issues. However, part of home safety involves some common sense rules as well as following building code regulations. Be sure that your new home plans follow Egress codes for window sizes and that you always monitor children around open windows.

Light Commercial

Sun windows and doors are a great solution for many Commercial applications. Sun is dedicated to the specific needs of the Commercial building industry. Our staff is ready to work with you to develop a plan to meet the requirements of your project.

• Extruded Aluminum Exterior
• Built In Water Management System
• Powder Coated Exterior Finish
• Product Testing and Certification
• Specifications
• Section Detail Drawings

New Construction

New Construction projects are either new buildings or new additions to an existing structure. As far as windows and doors are concerned, the primary focus is on the fact that these projects require products that are prepared to fit newly framed openings. Often, these openings can be prepared to fit standard-sized windows and doors, which saves the customer the extra expense of custom-sized units. Although, if needed, custom-sized units can still be built to meet the special needs of a project.

• Integral Nail Fin
• Strong/Rigid Installation
• Integrates with Weather Resistive Barrier
• Standard and Custom Sizes

Renovation / Replacement

Renovation projects include replacing windows and doors in already finished buildings. It also includes rebuilding or remodeling projects where windows and doors may be added to a structure. These projects can vary greatly in their installation requirements. Replacement products may be the best solution if you are looking simply to replace an existing window or door. However, frame tear-outs and reframing projects may take advantage of other installation options available with our standard product frames.

Frame Tear-Out
This method of replacing a window or door is more invasive but the result is a completely new, more energy-efficient unit. The process requires the removal of the existing window or door along with the trim around the product. The entire old unit is removed, including the frame, and a new unit is installed in its place. This type of replacement is attractive if the frame of the old unit is damaged or displays rotting or decomposition. It is also beneficial in applications where the old product was not insulated around the frame. This was common with older wood windows. Air easily infiltrates around the window and the trim and causes discomfort as well as poor energy efficiency. Frame Tear-Outs allow you to correct this condition. Our standard new construction products can often meet the needs of Frame Tear-Out applications.

Replacement Windows & Doors
The main characteristic of Replacement windows and doors is that their frame is designed to fit into an existing window or door opening with minimal disturbance to the existing wall and trim around the product. These replacement units are often referred to as “Pocket” or “insert” units. Part of the existing window or door is removed, leaving the surrounding frame and the new unit fits into the remaining frame. Sun offers a replacement or pocket/insert frame for most of our products so that they may be used in replacement applications.

Sash Packs
One alternative to full replacement windows is our double-hung Sash Pack. When replacing double-hung windows, a Sash Pack can often offer an even easier method of upgrading your windows. Essentially, a Sash Pack replaces the Jamb/Balance system and the sashes of an old double-hung window with new ones. Check out our Sash Pack page for more information.

Sometimes, Remodeling projects involve adding walls or moving window or door locations. Usually, these conditions can take advantage of our standard new construction products since the framing will be new.