Sun Advantage Low-E Insulated Glass with Argon

Insulated Glass Unit - cut-away vie

Sun Advantage Insulated Glass

Using technology to improve the insulating value of our windows and doors

Sun has its own state-of-the-art insulated glass production facility, allowing us to produce the high quality insulated glass units for each order. Carefully monitored for quality control, glass testing and certification, to assure you that all Sun insulated glass units are produced to the highest standards.

All Sun products use dual glazed insulated glass as standard. This is composed of 2 pieces of glass with a 1/2" hermetically sealed airspace between them. Our insulated glass units are configured from a selection of low-emissivity glass with coatings that are designed for the variety of climates within our region. See our Glass Options page for more information.  

All Sun Advantage Low-E Insulated Glass units are filled with Argon. Argon is an inert gas that is heavier than air. Filling the airspace with Argon makes the sealed airspace more thermally efficient.

Sun insulated glass units produced in our glass production facility use the Duralite™ warm-edge glass spacer system. Some of our of door units use insulated glass units produced by Cardinal Glass, using a comparable spacer system.

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