Insulated Glass and Glass Options

The Heart of Energy Efficiency and Thermal Performance

Insulated Glass is the heart of the energy efficiency of windows and patio doors. Sun manufactures insulated glass units to ensure the quality and performance of our products.

All insulated glass units are carefully monitored for quality control, glass testing, and certification, to assure you that all Sun insulated glass units are produced to the highest standards. 

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Dual Glazed Insulated Glass
Dual Glazed Insulated Glass
• Two Pieces of Glass
• 1/2” Hermetically Sealed Airspace
• Argon Filled
• Duralite™ Glass Spacer
Triple Glazed Insulated Glass
Triple Glazed Insulated Glass
• Three Pieces of Glass
• Two - 1/2” Hermetically Sealed Airspaces
• Argon Filled
• Duralite™ Glass Spacer

The Insulated Glass Unit

All Sun products use dual-glazed insulated glass as standard. This is composed of 2 pieces of glass with a 1/2" hermetically sealed airspace between them. Our insulated glass units are configured from a selection of low-emissivity glass with coatings that are designed for the variety of climates within our region. 

Testing For Argon Filled Airspace
Testing Insulated Glass Units for Argon filled airspace

Argon Filled Airspace

Argon is an inert gas, heavier than air, used to fill the sealed air space of high-performance insulated glass units. It has no harmful effects. Filling the sealed air space with Argon improves thermal performance by slowing convection currents within the sealed insulated unit.

Duralite has less heat transfer through glass edgeDuralite structural composition

Duralite™ Glass Spacer

Sun uses Duralite™ in all of our IG units.

Duralite™ is an industry-leading spacer system that provides the best thermal performance in the industry.

Its structure uses Composite laminating technology, while its flexible properties ensure a superior glass seal and the highest Argon gas retention in the industry.

Duralite™ has a smooth visible surface appearance. It is impermeable to gas and water vapor and has proven adhesive technology to ensure a long-lasting glass seal.

Duralite™ has the lowest conductivity of any warm-edge spacer. It provides a warmer edge-of-glass temperature which improves the condensation resistance of the IG unit.

The spacer is applied in a single, continuous path following the perimeter of the glass, which is important primarily because it results in a single corner seam. The other three corners are formed as bends in the spacer with no joint or seam.

This single corner seam helps give our insulated glass units an excellent hermetic seal and superior Argon gas retention. Most other glass spacer systems require each corner to be mechanically joined and sealed.

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270 Low-E

• Second Generation Low-E2
• Two Layers Silver block
reflective heat transfer
• Blocks 86% UV
• Permits 70% Visible Light
• Most Effective in mixed hot and cold climates

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366 Low-E

• Third Generation Low-E3
• Three Layers Silver block
reflective heat transfer
• Blocks 95% UV
• Permits 65% Visible Light
• All Climates

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i89 Low-E

• Can be used as 4th surface Low-E on 270 and 366 IG units
• Only used on applications that require the additional gain in U-Value Rating

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Obscure Glass

• Diffuses the visibility
through the glass

• P516 Typical Obscure
• Niagara Patterned Obscure

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Tempered Glass

• Available for applications
where required
• Standard on all Sun Doors

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