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Windows and Doors are all about connecting the outside environment with the interior of homes and buildings. Primarily, they allow daylight to shine in, open to access fresh air, and, in the case of doors, provide easy passage between the two spaces.

Given these basic functions, quality windows and doors must be designed and manufactured in a way that maximizes the positive aspects of these functions while minimizing any undesirable consequences.

What should windows and doors provide?
• A great view from your home or building
• Let in sunlight to improve the quality and function of the living environment
• Let in fresh air when desired
• Seal out air drafts
• Add Beauty to the home or building structure
• Access in and out of the home
• Protect the home from the weather
• Protect the product from the weather
• Protect the home interior and furnishings from UV damage
• Promote Energy Efficiency
• Reduce Thermal Transfer (hot or cold) to keep the interior comfortable
• Long Lasting product life and performance

Sun attempts to address these functions while adding a design aesthetic that brings beauty to the structure.

Sun’s Solutions

The following is a list of solutions to most of the functions listed above. This combination of product advancements, features, and options, as well as company focus, philosophy, and services elevates the experience of partnering with Sun Windows to be a true advantage for you and your project. These are the things that differentiate Sun from our competitors.

Regional Focus - Are You In Our Region?

Sun is a regional manufacturer. We only sell products within our region. This allows Sun to streamline the process of meeting the needs of the customer while maximizing the advantages and flexibility of niche marketing. Under this structure, Sun can readily adapt to changes, make product improvements, and meet the needs of our customers. Sun has chosen to limit our area of service to a geographic region that extends to about a 500-mile radius from our factory in Owensboro, Kentucky. This increases Sun’s flexibility in providing the best possible product, in a timely fashion, at a very competitive price. Our regional focus also means that many of our suppliers are close to our location. This can have a positive economic and environmental impact, helping to achieve additional credit for LEED-certified projects.

Made To Order

Sun windows and doors are built to order, per the specifications of each project. They are not stock-built nor pulled from a shelf when an order is placed. This means you get the windows and doors that you want with the features and options that you select. You don't pay extra for this, it is our standard way of building products. The time required to build your windows and doors is based on the products and options you select. Our quote system supplies notice of all extended lead time options to help you coordinate your schedule.

Product Selection for the Perfect View

Sun offers a wide array of window and door products, options, and configurations to help customers create their perfect view and achieve their dream home. Anything from a single window to a wall filled with windows and doors that will open up their home and give the view they desire. Sun is ready to help make their dream a reality.

More For Your Money

If you are not familiar with Sun Windows and Doors, it is likely because we don’t spend a lot of money on advertising. We have chosen to invest those dollars in designing and building our products. When you choose to buy a Sun product, you are primarily paying for the expense of product development and production, not advertising. Yes, we do spend some money on advertising, like this website and other support materials, but the bulk of the product price is the product itself. Our competitors, whose names you know well, have to pay for that name recognition. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but it means that they either charge substantially more for a comparable product or they reduce the product cost, which often means they reduce the quality of the product. The big advantage for us, which transfers to you, is that we can offer a product of superior quality at an excellent price.

Built To Last

Providing a durable, long-lasting product is critical for your home or building. Sun takes the extra steps required to build windows and doors that are every bit as durable as they are beautiful to behold. Everything from the design of the product to the quality of the materials used, to the construction methods, all combine to make your windows and doors a long-life product. They are designed to protect themselves, as well as the building structure, from the harsh elements of weather year after year.

Extruded Aluminum Clad Exterior

Sun’s heavy-gauge extruded aluminum exterior is highly resistant to the effects of weather, does not rust like other metals, and does not rot, decay, warp, or distort like wood. Heavy-gauge aluminum extrusions do not dent like thin roll-form aluminum wrapped over a wood core. The extrusions provide exceptional strength and long life for the product. They protect the interior wood components of the product while protecting the building. Our extrusions feature Sun’s High-Durability Powder Coat finish, available in a wide selection of exterior finish colors. Our extrusions also feature an integral nail fin as part of the frame.

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Extruded Aluminum Clad Exterior

Integral Nailing Fin

Our extruded aluminum-clad exterior features an integral nail fin that provides a rigid fastening method for the product. It is part of the exterior frame extrusion instead of being an add-on piece. Our nail fin makes it easy to integrate the product with weather-resistive barrier systems. Optionally, the nail fin is removable for replacement applications.

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Integral Nailing Fin

Powder Coated Exterior

Sun selected Powder Coating as our exterior finish of choice for our aluminum-clad windows and doors because of its outstanding weather resistance, film toughness, extensive range of colors, and its low environmental impact.

Our powder-coated aluminum extrusions have a thick, hard finish which is more durable than conventional painted finishes. The finish has a long life with excellent resistance to chipping, cracking, peeling, and fading.

Our standard finish meets AAMA 2604 requirements and allows us to provide a 20-year finish warranty. An optional AAMA 2605 finish is available for projects requiring more specialized coverage. This option qualifies for a 30-year finish warranty.

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Powder Coating

Water Management System

Our Water Management System provides two levels of protection to guard the product and home against water damage. Level 1 is a glazing seal between the glass and the edge of the glazing channel to prevent water intrusion. Level 2 is a built-in water drainage pathway to prevent trapped water.

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Water Management System

Air-Tight Construction

Sun products are designed to minimize air infiltration around operating sashes and panels when they are closed. This helps prevent energy loss and makes the home more comfortable. Our product air-infiltration ratings out-pace the industry standards and many of our competitors.

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Air Tight Construction

Energy Efficient

Sun products are designed to maximize energy efficiency. The frame and sash materials are designed to combat the harsh effects of the weather so that Sun windows and doors will provide protection and energy efficiency year after year. The insulated glass systems use the latest advances in energy performance technology. This includes new-generation Low-E glass, Argon gas-filled air spaces, and Duralite™, the most advanced warm-edge insulated glass spacer system available. 

See the information below about our insulated glass systems.

Sun’s Insulated Glass Production Facility

Sun has its own state-of-the-art insulated glass production facility, allowing us to produce high-quality insulated glass units for each order. Carefully monitored for quality control, glass testing, and certification, to assure you that all Sun insulated glass is produced to the highest standards.

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Insulated Glass Production Line

Low-E Insulated Glass

Dual-glazed insulated glass is standard on all products, while Triple glazing is available on select products. Double Strength glass is standard on window IG units, with Tempered glass standard on all doors. All insulated glass units feature low-emissivity glass options, with Argon-filled sealed airspaces.

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Insulated Glass Unit

Duralite™ Warm Edge Spacer System

Duralite™ is an industry-leading spacer system that provides the best thermal performance in the industry. Sun uses Duralite™ in all of our insulated glass units.

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Duralite™ Spacer System

Black Glazing Channel

This protective black masking film behind the glass stops provides two valuable functions. One, it keeps paint and stain that might seep behind the glass stop during the finishing process from being exposed to view when looking at the product from the outside. It also provides quick masking for painters.

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Duralite™ Spacer System

Assurance of Quality

Sun Windows participates in various certification and testing programs to validate our product designs, components, and manufacturing processes. These certifications help establish how well-qualified our products are for our customers' applications. Additionally, Sun is active in other programs and efforts that help enhance environmental stewardship and the promotion of environmentally friendly products.

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