Instructional Videos for Operating, Adjusting, and Maintaining Sun Products

These videos contain helpful information on operating, adjusting, and maintaining Sun products. You may access them directly from this page or visit our YouTube Channel

Bi-Fold Door Operation
Adjust A Casement Window Hinge
Replace A Casement Window Sash - Part 1
Replace A Casement Window Sash - Part 2
Removing Casement Window Jamb Covers
Operating A Retractable Screen On A Casement Window
Replacing Double Hung Window Jamb Liners
Double Hung Window Balance Shoe Adjustment
Replacing Balance Shoe On Double Hung Window
Replacing Tilt Latch On A Double Hung Window
Install A Half-Screen In A Double Hung Window
Double Hung Sash Pack
Remove Sliding Door Panel
Door Hinge Adjustment
Reverse Door Latch - Single Point Latching System
Reverse Door Latch - Multi-Point Latching System
Sliding Door Intuition Handle Set
Replace Sliding Door L-Bracket and Interlock
Replace An Awning Window Sash
Replace A Sash Set Fixed Lite Sash
De-glaze A Sash For Insulated Glass Replacement
Measure The Daylight Opening
Extruded Screen Frame Weather Strip
Correcting Bow In Screen Frame
Adjust Vinyl Window Balance Shoe
Replace Vinyl Window Balance Shoe
Face Mounted Window Opening Control Device
Side Mounted Window Opening Control Device