Window and Door Jambs

Options for fitting your windows and doors into your structure

Windows and doors have several parts. Jambs are the two vertical side pieces. Our Jambs and the options available for them will also affect the Head and the Sill but for simplification, we list all these options under the general topic of Jambs.

Clad Wood Standard Jamb Depth = 4-9/16"

Most Sun Clad Wood windows and doors have a standard jamb depth of 4-9/16”. Bi-Fold products are the main exception, requiring 6-9/16”.

Clad Wood Standard Jamb Depth

For Deeper Walls

Bi-Fold products require 6-9/16” wall thickness. Other Clad Wood products can have 2-inch extensions applied to them to fit 6-9/16” walls.

Double Hung with 2 inch Jamb Extension

Specialty Configuration of our Direct Set Fixed Lite

Our Contemporary Direct Set Fixed Lite features a narrow 2-1/16” jamb depth to accommodate drywall return and other Contemporary Design aesthetics.

Contemporary Direct Set Jamb

Casement No-Wood-Surround / No-Jamb Option

Specialty configuration of casement family products creates 3-1/8” Jamb Depth.

No Wood Surround on Casement

Casement Drywall Return Jamb

Designed to accommodate drywall return techniques on our casement family products, this jamb depth measures 3-3/4”.

Drywall Return Jamb for Casement

Clad Vinyl Series Standard Jamb Depth

Our Clad Vinyl products feature a standard jamb depth of 2-9/16”.

Clad Vinyl Jamb

57 Series Vinyl Standard Jamb Depth

Sun’s 57 Series Vinyl Products have a standard jamb depth of 1-3/4”.

57 Vinyl Jamb

2020 Series Vinyl Standard Jamb Depth

Our 2020 Series Vinyl Products have a standard jamb depth of 2”.

2020 Vinyl Jamb

Interior Wood Jamb Extensions

Available for most products up to 6-9/16” jamb depth. Custom sizes in 1/8” increments.

Two inch wood jamb extension

Steps Jambs for Casement Trim Alignment Applications

Step Jambs provide a means of aligning trim when pairing casement products with other non-casement products.

Casement Jamb without trim alignment for other products
Casement Jamb with Step Jamb for trim alignment with other products

Metal Frame Extension

Extends Standard 4-9/16 In-Swing Door frames to 6-9/16”. This is an exterior metal frame extension. Keeps the interior of the door flush with the interior wall surface for proper in-swing operation.

In-Swing Door Jamb Extended

Interior Wood Extension

Extends the interior wood to accommodate 6-9/16” wall depth.

Out-Swing Door Jamb Extended

Standard Jamb Depth for Bi-Fold Products

Sun’s Bi-Fold products require 6-9/16” for proper structural support. The frames are designed for this application.

Bi-Fold Jamb