USA Clad Wood Bi-Fold Window and Door Hardware

Bi-Fold Hardware

• E3 Bi-Fold Hardware by Centor Architectural

Centor’s E3 bi-fold hardware is used on our Bi-Fold windows and doors. Hardware includes an overhead track and roller-glide system, various hinges, panel latches, assist handles, and sill options.

Bi-Fold Installation Instructions
Bi-Fold Hardware with Roller
Hinges, Handles, Glide Rollers
Bi-Fold Hardware with panel latches
Panel Latches, more

Bi-Fold Sill Options

Bi-Fold Doors and Windows have three sill options. The Standard sill sits on top of the subfloor surface and has a 2-3/16” total height above the subfloor surface. The ADA sill has a 1/2” height above the finished floor surface but requires a cut-out under the track channel area of the sill. The U-channel is 7/8” high and must be set in a recessed groove so that the top is flush with the finished floor surface.

Standard Bi-Fold Door Sill
Standard Sill
ADA Bi-Fold Door Sill
ADA Sill
U-Channel Option for Bi-Fold Door Sill