USA Clad Wood Casement Hardware


Casement window sashes open and close using a hand-cranked, gear-driven operator that is connected to a glide hinge system. The operator is located on the sill. A casement sash can be opened up to 90° perpendicular to the normally closed position.

Casement Operator with cover and handle removed
Operator with Cover and Handle Removed
Casement Operator with cover and handle installed
Operator with Cover and Handle Installed

Operator Covers & Handles

The operator is completed by a cover and folding handle. These are available in two styles: the standard Contoured or optional Contemporary cover and handle.

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Standard Cover and Handle
Standard Contoured
Contemporary Cover and Handle

Glide Hinge System

Our Glide Hinge System consists of lower and upper glide arm assemblies. The lower set is connected to the crank operator. These glide hinges create pivot points at the top and bottom of the sash to achieve left or right hinging, depending on your choice. Hinging is specified as viewed from the exterior.

The Glide Hinges are adjustable to fine-tune the sash alignment and operation.

An optional egress hardware hinge system is available for specific applications.

Hinge Adjustment Instructions


Lower Glide Hinge Assembly
Lower Glide Hinge Assembly
Upper Glide Hinge Assembly
Upper Glide Hinge Assembly

Egress Hardware

Casement standard operating hardware provides clearance on the hinge side that may allow cleaning of the exterior glass surface from indoors. Our optional Egress Hardware moves the hinge pivot point near the edge of the jamb. The benefit of this is realized with certain window sizes, as it can provide enough additional clear opening width to satisfy some egress codes without having to go to a wider window. Please refer to the Casement Dimensions Sheet for the clear opening specifications.

Note: using Egress Hardware does not guarantee that the window will meet your code requirements. Please refer to your code and compare those requirements with our dimensions sheet.

Egress Dimension Information


Standard vs Egress Hardware
Standard vs Egress Hardware

Single Lever Latching System

A single lever handle raises to release the multi-point sash latches. The number of latching points depends on the height of the window.

The lever handle has a cover and trim piece that matches the finish selected for the Operator Cover and Handle.

Drive-Lock (Lever Mechanism) Replacement Instructions
Casement Sash Latch Lever
Single Lever Releases Sash Latches
Casement Multipoint Latching System
Latching System with Multiple Latching Points

Window Opening Control Device

Optional safety hardware that limits the sash opening. Can be disengaged without tools.

WOCD Instructions


Casement Window Opening Control Device Engaged