USA Clad Wood Hinged/Swing Door Hardware

Multi-point Latching

Multi-point latching provides interlocking points between the door panel and the locking side jamb at more than one point. The main latching point is located at the handle set. Additional latching points are located below and above this main latching location. The number of latching points depends on the height of the door.

Multi-point latching helps increase security and stability for the locking side of the door panel.

Secondary Latch Point
Secondary Latch Point
Multi-point Latching System
Multi-point Latching System

Handle Sets

Swing door handle sets provide the opening and locking functions of the door. They are available in three styles and several finishes.

See Handle Set Styles & FinishesHandle Set Installation InstructionsHandle Set Operation Instructions


Swing Door Handle Set on door
Handle Set on Door
Swing Door Handle Set Styles
Handle Set Styles


Door hinges are available in four finishes to coordinate with the handle set finishes. Three or four hinges are used per operating door panel depending on the door height. The hinges are adjustable to fine-tune the door panel alignment.

See Hinge FinishesHinge Adjustment Instructions


Door Hinge Opened
Door Hinge Opened
Door Hinge Closed
Door Hinge Closed

Passive Panel Latches

Swing doors have a True French configuration that includes a main active panel and a secondary passive panel that can be opened for wider access. The passive panel has integrated head and foot shoot bolts that are released by the handle set on the passive panel.

Door Hinge Closed
French Door Configuration
Door Hinge Opened
Shootbolt Pin Detail


In-Swing doors use Sun’s standard In-Swing sill. An ADA-type, low-profile sill is available if it is required by your project.

ADA approval is dependent upon your project code requirements. Please contact Sun to review your needs and we will help you determine if this sill is appropriate for your application.

Standard In-Swing Door Sill
Standard In-Swing Sill
ADA In-Swing Door Sill
ADA In-Swing Sill