USA Clad Wood Comfort-Tilt Double Hung Hardware

Sash Locks & Keepers

The Comfort-Tilt Double Hung window uses a cam-action lock with a concealed keeper to secure the sashes in the closed position. Most sizes use one lock in the center of the checkrail. Larger size windows use two locks spread left and right on the checkrail.

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Cam-Action Lock with Concealed Keeper
Lock with Concealed Keeper
Lock shown on Checkrail
Shown on Checkrail

Sash Tilt-In Latches

Both of the sashes raise and lower for ventilation and can be tilted inward for cleaning or other purposes. A pair of finger-release sash tilt latches located on the checkrail can be disengaged from the side jamb tracks, allowing the top of the sash to be tilted inward. Once tilted to 90°, the sash can be removed from the window.

Tilt-Sash Instructions

Always use caution when tilting and or removing the sash. They can be heavy and require the support of the user.

Sash Tilt Latch
Sash Tilt Latch
Sash Tilted In
Sash Tilted In

Sash Tilt-In Pivot Balance Shoes

The Comfort-Tilt Double Hung uses Pivot Balance Shoes that interlock with Sash Pivot Tabs, located near the lower end of the sash, to hold the sash in the jamb tracks as well as provide the tilt operation of the sash. The balance shoes have a locking function when the sash is fully tilted which helps hold the sash in place.

Balance Shoe Adjustment


Sash Pivot Shoe detail view
Sash Pivot Shoe (detail view)
Sash Pivot Tab detail view
Sash Pivot Tab (detail view)

Sash Balance System

A Spring Balance System is used to assist the sashes in their opening and closing operation and to help hold the sash in place when the lock is released and the sashes are opened. This balance system is housed within a pair of vinyl jamb liners.

Balance System detail view
Balance System from exterior
Vinyl Jamb Liner
Vinyl Jamb Liner contains balance system

Sash Track System

The Sash Track System is built into the side vinyl jamb liners. 

Sash Track exterior view
Sash Track exterior view
Sash Track interior view
Sash Track interior view

Window Opening Control Device

Optional safety hardware that limits the sash opening. Automatically engaged. Can be disengaged without tools.

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Double Hung Window Opening Control Device Active
WOCD in Active Position
Double Hung Window Opening Control Device Bypassed
WOCD in Bypass Position